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Parent FAQs

When do we meet?

     First Robotics meets every Wednesday until competition, upon which we will meet every day except Mondays and Sundays are optional.

How much does it cost?

     First Robotics costs $600 total with a down payment of $400 and a later payment of $200. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. 

What does First Robotics do?

     First Robotics builds and competes with robots built entirely and coded entirely by the team all the way to creating our own metal structures for the body.


What will I learn?

     You will learn how to have a robot perform specific tasks from design to CAD to making the parts to the programming the robot to respond to remote commands.  Each year represents different challenges and they need to perform specific tasks.  You will have access to the FAB Lab at the Lewis and Clark Center, allowing for wood and metal work to be done in order to create the robot from a design created in CAD to the working drive-able machine that is used in competition. 

When are the competitions?

     We compete each year in the Regional Competitions that start the first weekend of January.  From here is what we consider 'robot season' and is an intense 6-8 week season where we build and design the robot to abide by the rules learned in early January.   The competition is in March, and if we win and go on to World's, that competition is in May. 
     We also do a smaller competition in September called Gateway Robotics Challenge (GRC).  This uses the same robot as the March competition.  

Do I need prior experience or supplies?

     No,  Edwardsville Technologies provides you with everything that you need.  With training and safety gear (like googles and ear plugs), to laptops and raw materials, we provide everything you need to create a great robot.  The only thing we need is hard working, positive kids!


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